"Tuition has transformed our daughter's chances of doing well in the exam. She had previously been predicted a 'D' but is now aiming for a 'A'/'B'.  The tutor's behavious has always been impeccable."  Mother of Jessica(from Beaconsfield)

Why use Howland Tutors?

If you are reading this, then you are seriously considering obtaining tutoring for yourself or for one (or more) of your children. We would like you to take the next step and give us a ring on 01628 477164. Why should you do this?

  • Your first decision is whether to use an agency such as ourselves or to try and find someone directly. Whilst sometimes it is possible to find a good tutor from a newsagent's window, this process is unreliable and does not have the guarantee of the high quality which you get from a reputable agency.
  • We are one of the two longest established locally based agencies in the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border area (in and around Wycombe, Henley and Maidenhead). We have over 70 tutors in this area.

The nationally-based agencies employ hundreds of tutors throughout the country.  Obviously, some excellent tutors work for these agencies but finding a tutor this way is, of  necessity,  an anonymous process. Normally they offer a database only and cannot offer advice on the best tutor for your individual needs. Whilst they employ large numbers of tutors nationally, none of them has as many tutors based locally as does Howland Tutors. Some of these agencies charge registration fees. Howland Tutors does not do so.

  • Your call will be answered by Andy, one of the owners of the company. Andy has been matching the  needs of students to tutors for the past 23 years. He will advise you specifically on the right tutor for you and, if you wish him to do so, will immediately give you contact details of a local tutor (or tutors) for a tentative enquiry. 
  • The process of registration and the tutor matching service is completely free. You are welcome to call us with any questions you might have about tutoring and ask for advice on a completely ‘no obligation’ basis. You are never expected to pay for lessons in advance of the tuition.

To find the right tutor for you ring 01628 477164

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